Resource Tools

Digital Presence



  • Semiprivate Wiki Requires a forum account to access and your visibility will depend on the group you belong to
  • Public Documentation ie. this repo and the published version of it can be found here



  • Project Management: We use Jira or Trello for all our Project Management. Please find the appropriate board to use in the division section.

Source Code

  • Github:
    • OSAlt
    • OSAltDev This org usually contains the Alpha/Beta version of our code. It may contain exploratory code or simply old archives we want to keep around.
    • GeekBeacon

Running a Meeting:

  1. Obtain time availability / scheduling from all participating members.

Here are a few tools that can be useful:

  1. Video Conferencing:
  1. Create a document with the the:
  • Meeting Goals - What is the purpose of this meeting

  • Meeting Agenda - What are the talking points for this meeting

  • Action Items - What should we ensure happens from the conversation of this meeting.

    Note. If you have a geekbeacon email address there are existing google docs template to use.